Mavis Lake Lithium Project

Pioneer 51%

The Mavis Lake Lithium Project is situated 19 kilometres east from the town of Dryden, NW Ontario, Canada.

Twenty significant sized pegmatites have been identified to date in outcrop within the Mavis Lithium Project properties, within a supporting lithium soil geochemistry anomaly. Individual outcrops vary in strike length from 11 metres to more than 240 metres and range in thickness of up to 12 metres. To date, three generations of drilling since the 1960s have systematically demonstrated that pegmatites at the Fairservice Prospect are strongly mineralised, and the first drill holes into the Mavis Lake Prospect, drilled in 2011, also intersected spodumene.

The Company completed 9 diamond core holes for 1,591 metres at the Mavis Lake Project and all nine holes intersected between one and three mineralised pegmatite lenses on step-out drill spacings of between 20m and 40m. The drilling intersected the Fairservice Pegmatite 6 generally between 100 and 140m vertically below surface along a strike length of 200m. Drilling intersections* included:

  • MF18-51: 23.30m at 1.09% Li₂O from 76.80m
  • MF18-52: 10.55m at 1.18% Li₂O from 150.54m
  • MF18-53: 55.25m at 1.04% Li₂O from 82.75m
  • MF18-54: 18.20m at 1.27% Li₂O from 94.80m
  • MF18-55: 12.35m at 1.41% Li₂O from 135.10m
  • MF18-58: 28.95m at 1.14% Li₂O from 116.80m

Pioneer and International Lithium Corp. advised of an agreement which fast-tracked Pioneer’s earn-in into the Mavis Lake Project, with the Company now holding a 51% Project equity. Under the Agreement Pioneer withdrew from the Raleigh Lithium Project joint venture, also with ILC.

December 2018