Pioneer 90% - Lithium

The Bogadi Project is a conceptual target for a large unconventional lithium-in-clay deposit. Globally, lithium-in-clay mineralisation forms a spectrum of deposits ranging from the salars in South America (eg Salar de Atacama, Chile) through to the hectorite-dominant-clays (smectite) in Mexico (eg Sonora) and Nevada (eg King Valley) though to the sedimentary basins in Serbia (eg Piskanja and Jadar). Currently there are no analogues of lithium-in-clay mineral deposits in Western Australia.

The Bogadi Project targets part of the Byro sub-basin which is filled with siltstones, sandstones, shales and conglomerate. Ground preparation allows hydrothermal fluids generated from the Darling fault extension to migrate through, leach and precipitate lithium within the sedimentary pile. This is now manifested by a distinct, coherent surface geochemistry Li anomaly (with supporting Be, P, Nb, Ta and Rb) which extends for over 25 km, based on data generated by GSWA (Sanders et al 1998).


The Company has been awarded co-funding of up to $126,000 under the WA state government’s Exploration Incentive Scheme (EIS) for funds to drill this prospect.

February 2017