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Pioneer Company Update
October 2019
Brisbane Resources Round-up, Brisbane (PDF, 11.3 MB)
Pioneer Company Update
June 2019
Gold Coast Investment Showcase, Surfers Paradise, Queensland (PDF, 2.7 MB)
Pioneer Company Update
March 2019
Australian Energy and Minerals Investor Conference, Brisbane (PDF, 1.3 MB)


Alkali and Battery Metals Presentation
September 2018
Investor presentation (PDF, 3.0 MB)
Unearthing Australia's First Pollucite Deposit
February 2018
RIU Explorers Conference, Fremantle (PDF, 8.8 MB)


Targeting key global demand-driven commodities
June 2017
Investor presentation (PDF, 3.0 MB)
Targeting Key Global Demand-Driven Commodities
May 2017
RIU Sydney Resources Round-up 2017, Sydney (PDF, 6.6 MB)


Targeting key global demand-driven commodities
June 2016
Gold Coast Investment Showcase, Surfers Paradise, Queensland (PDF, 2.2 MB)
Targeting key global demand-driven commodities
May 2016
RIU Explorers Conference 2016, Sydney (PDF, 2.1 MB)
West Australian Goldfields,
West Australian Nickelfields
February 2016
RIU Explorers Conference, Fremantle (PDF, 7.2 MB)


AGM Presentation 2015
November 2015
Pioneer Resources AGM, Perth (PDF, 3.3 MB)
West Australian Goldfields,
West Australian Nickelfields
July 2015
(PDF, 4.9 MB)


AGM Presentation 2014
November 2014
Pioneer Resources AGM, Perth (PDF, 6.3 MB)
West Australian Goldfields,
West Australian Nickelfields
October 2014
RIU Resources Conference, Brisbane (PDF, 6.2 MB)
Gold and Nickel West Australian Goldfields
May 2014
RIU Resources Conference, Sydney (PDF, 5.0 MB)


Reloaded - September
October 2012
RIU, Melbourne (PDF, 1.2 MB)
Pioneer Reloaded
June 2012
Gold Coast Resources Showcase 2012, Gold Coast (PDF, 3.3 MB)


AGM Presentation 2011
November 2011
Pioneer Resources AGM, Perth (PDF, 6.9 MB)
Mt Jewell Gold Project: Taking the Next Step
May 2011
Sydney (PDF, 2.3 MB)


Mt Jewell Time to Shine
October 2010
Mining 2010, Brisbane (PDF, 1.4 MB)
Mt Jewell Time to Shine
September 2010
Melbourne (PDF, 1.2 MB)
Mt Jewell: A Sparkling New Gold Discovery
March 2010
Paydirt's Gold Conference, Perth (PDF, 1.7 MB)
An Introduction to the Balagundi VMS Exploration Project
February 2010
(PDF, 1.5 MB)


AGM Presentation 2009
November 2009
Pioneer Resources AGM, Perth (PDF, 961 KB)
EGM Presentation
September 2009
Extraordinary General Meeting, Perth (PDF, 3.8 MB)
Digging Deep - e-conference presentation
March 2009
Boardroom Radio E-Conference (PDF, 1.5 MB)


AGM Presentation
November 2008
Annual General Meeting, Perth (PDF, 927 KB)
New Targets,
New Prospects
July 2008
(PDF, 1.5 MB)
Exploration Advances
May 2008
Investor Presentation (PDF, 3.5 MB)


Exploration Advances
November 2007
(PDF, 3.2 MB)
Exploration Advances
November 2007
Brisbane Mining Conference, Queensland (PDF, 589 KB)
Exploration Advances
May 2007
AMEC Investors Briefing, Melbourne (PDF, 1.2 MB)


Gaining Ground
October 2006
Nickel Conference October 2006, Sheraton Hotel, Perth (PDF, 1.0 MB)
Pioneer Nickel: Gaining Ground
May 2006
Kalgoorlie-Boulder Investor Forum (PDF, 1.0 MB)


Pioneer Nickel: An Investment in Aggressive Exploration
July 2005
AMEC Conference, Perth (PDF, 1.3 MB)


Investor Presentation
February 2004
(PDF, 1.3 MB)

ASX Announcements


Further Drilling Results from the Cade Spodumene Discovery include 15m at 1.48% Li₂O

10/10/2019 · PDF (1.7 MB)

First Drilling results from the Cade Spodumene Discovery include 33m at 1.63% Li₂O

26/09/2019 · PDF (1.9 MB)

Exploration Update: Initial Drilling at the New Cade Spodumene Deposit Completed

16/09/2019 · PDF (1.3 MB)

Clarifying Announcement (Drilling Advancing at North Dome)

23/08/2019 · PDF (2.7 MB)

Drilling Advancing at North Dome: First Three Holes Intersect Pegmatite Down Dip of Spodumene Outcrop

22/08/2019 · PDF (3.5 MB)

Drilling Intersects Lithium and Caesium Along Strike of the Sinclair Caesium Mine Stage 1 Pit

15/08/2019 · PDF (928 KB)

Clarifying Statement Concerning the Use of Portable Raman Spectrometry at the North Dome Spodumene Prospect

30/07/2019 · PDF (2.9 MB)

High Grade Lithium Results up to 3.70% Li₂O From Spodumene Samples at Pioneer Dome

17/07/2019 · PDF (2.7 MB)

Spodumene Pegmatites Discovered at Pioneer Dome

25/06/2019 · PDF (1.4 MB)

Sumitomo to Join Novo and Pioneer in Kangan Gold Project Farmin/JV

11/06/2019 · PDF (4.8 MB)

Drilling Programme Underway for High-Grade Caesium and Lithium Extensions Outside the Sinclair Mine

27/05/2019 · PDF (675 KB)

Drilling Confirms 1 km Priority Nickel Sulphide Target at Leo’s Dam

14/05/2019 · PDF (1.3 MB)

First Pollucite Arrives in Canada and Revised Shipment & Payment Schedule Set out

17/04/2019 · PDF (3.1 MB)

Acra Gold Project To Proceed To Next Phase Northern Star Earns 55% Interest

15/04/2019 · PDF (763 KB)

Pollucite Offtake Update

26/03/2019 · PDF (340 KB)

Drilling Underway at Leo’s Dam Nickel Sulphide Target; Pioneer Acquires Cessna Nickel Sulphide Prospect

25/03/2019 · PDF (1.3 MB)

Sinclair Mine: Shipments of Pollucite Commence

01/02/2019 · PDF (449 KB)

Pollucite Mining Completed

First Shipment to Leave Australia This Month

22/01/2019 · PDF (1.8 MB)


Australia's First Pollucite Extraction Commences

12/12/2018 · PDF (1.9 MB)

Pollucite Extraction on Schedule for December

Pegmatite Core Minerals Encountered in the Most Recent Bench at the Sinclair Mine

28/11/2018 · PDF (4.7 MB)

Mineral Resource Estimate Update for the Sinclair Caesium Zone Deposit

and Near Term Pollucite Production Guidance

08/11/2018 · PDF (4.4 MB)

Novo Resources Corp Provides Plans for the Egina Gold Project

in the Pilbara of Western Australia

05/11/2018 · PDF (1.2 MB)

Novo to Explore Kangan Gold Project in the West Pilbara

Acquires Right to Earn up to a 70% Interest

18/09/2018 · PDF (1.7 MB)

Pioneer Commences Mining Operations at Sinclair Caesium Mine

13/09/2018 · PDF (611 KB)

US$4.8 Million Received From Cabot for Sinclair Caesium Mine

30/08/2018 · PDF (304 KB)

Sinclair Caesium Mine - Site Preparations Underway

29/08/2018 · PDF (1.9 MB)

Drilling Confirms A-Grade Potassium Feldspar Overlays the Sinclair Caesium Deposit

30/07/2018 · PDF (936 KB)

Lithium-Focussed Drilling Update

26/07/2018 · PDF (908 KB)

Sinclair Caesium Mine Update - Mining Proposal Approved

25/07/2018 · PDF (164 KB)

Pioneer Enters Binding Offtake and Funding Agreement with Cabot Corporation for Sinclair Zone Caesium Project

20/06/2018 · PDF (335 KB)

Infill Drilling Confirms Continuity of High-Grades at the Sinclair Zone Caesium Deposit

Preparations for Mining Advance

19/04/2018 · PDF (1.8 MB)

Assays Confirm Multiple, Wide Spodumene-Pegmatite Intersections at Mavis Lake Lithium Project

06/04/2018 · PDF (1.8 MB)

Potassium Feldspar Deposit Discovered at the Sinclair Zone Caesium Deposit

21/02/2018 · PDF (637 KB)

Highly Successful Drilling Programme Completed at Mavis Lake Lithium Project

Multiple, Wide Spodumene-Pegmatite Intersections Returned

19/02/2018 · PDF (1.4 MB)

New Nickel Sulphide Discovery at Golden Ridge

22m at 1.02% Ni and 475ppm Cu at Leo’s Dam Nickel Prospect

25/01/2018 · PDF (1.1 MB)

Cobalt Potential Confirmed by Drilling at Golden Ridge

24/01/2018 · PDF (2.3 MB)

Drilling Underway at Mavis Lake (Ontario) Lithium Project

Spodumene Pegmatite Intersected in First Hole

23/01/2018 · PDF (2.7 MB)

Sinclair Zone Caesium Deposit - Project Update

17/01/2018 · PDF (204 KB)


Drilling to Unlock Cobalt Potential at the Golden Ridge Project Is Underway

21/11/2017 · PDF (2.7 MB)

Drilling Commences at Pioneer Dome Lithium and Caesium Project

02/11/2017 · PDF (413 KB)

Milestone Mining Agreement Signed With the Ngadju People

30/10/2017 · PDF (195 KB)

Kangan Gold Project - The Pilbara Strategy

24/10/2017 · PDF (1.0 MB)

Share Purchase Plan Raises $4.37 Million

23/10/2017 · PDF (710 KB)

Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement

19/10/2017 · PDF (438 KB)

Notice of Annual General Meeting and Proxy Form

19/10/2017 · PDF (545 KB)

Caesium and Lithium Pegmatite Targets Prepared for Drilling This Quarter at Pioneer Dome

09/10/2017 · PDF (2.0 MB)

Kangan Project - Gold Targets Identified in West Pilbara Sediments

06/10/2017 · PDF (1.1 MB)

Drilling Intersects High Grade Lithium at Pioneer Dome

20/06/2017 · PDF (720 KB)

Pioneer Resources Invites You to Attend Investor Briefings In Sydney & Melbourne

02/06/2017 · PDF (256 KB)

Past Drilling Unlocks Cobalt Potential at Golden Ridge

13/04/2017 · PDF (1.2 MB)

Multiple High-Grade Lithium Pegmatites Intersected at Mavis Lake Lithium Project

11/04/2017 · PDF (2.3 MB)

Mineral Resource Estimate for the Sinclair Caesium Project

Australia’s First Caesium Resource: 10,500t grading 17.1% Cs₂O

22/03/2017 · PDF (1.4 MB)

L-Max® Process Generates High Specification Battery Grade Lithium Carbonate Using Pioneer Dome Lepidolite

20/03/2017 · PDF (715 KB)

Highly Successful First Phase Drilling Completed at Mavis Lake

10/03/2017 · PDF (1.4 MB)

Lepidico to Farm-in to PEG009 (Pioneer Dome) Lepidolites

23/02/2017 · PDF (1.5 MB)

Drilling at Mavis Lake (Ontario) Lithium Project Intersects 18 Metres of Spodumene-Bearing Pegmatite at First Target

08/02/2017 · PDF (752 KB)

Drilling Commences at Mavis Lake (Ontario) Lithium Project

Spodumene pegmatite intersected in first hole

07/02/2017 · PDF (2.3 MB)

Drilling Continues to Define Shallow High-grade Caesium at the Sinclair Discovery Within the Pioneer Dome Pegmatite

24/01/2017 · PDF (444 KB)

Shallow High-Grade Caesium and Lithium at the Sinclair Zone of the Pioneer Dome Pegmatite Discovery

13/01/2017 · PDF (1.0 MB)

Drilling Intersects Further High Grade Pollucite at Pioneer Dome

Pollucite is a High Value Caesium Mineral

13/12/2016 · PDF (1.0 MB)

Drilling Underway at the Mavis Lake Lithium Project

Testing Known High Grade Spodumene Pegmatite Targets

02/12/2016 · PDF (782 KB)

Results of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

22/11/2016 · PDF (112 KB)

Chairman's AGM Address

22/11/2016 · PDF (164 KB)

Notice of Annual General Meeting and Proxy Form

21/10/2016 · PDF (515 KB)

Northern Star Enters Joint Venture for the Acra Gold Project

21/10/2016 · PDF (703 KB)

Drilling Results: Lithium Caesium Tantalum System Confirmed

17/10/2016 · PDF (704 KB)

Exploration Update for the Mavis Lake and Raleigh Lithium Pegmatite Projects, Ontario, Canada

12/10/2016 · PDF (1.1 MB)

Lithium-Caesium Discovery at Pioneer Dome

04/10/2016 · PDF (1.1 MB)

Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement

30/09/2016 · PDF (438 KB)

Drilling underway at Pioneer Dome Lithium Project

01/09/2016 · PDF (1.1 MB)

Drilling to commence at Pioneer Dome Lithium Project

23/08/2016 · PDF (926 KB)

Pioneer Announces a 5,000m RC Drilling Programme at Pioneer Dome

27/07/2016 · PDF (677 KB)

PIO Mavis Raleigh Budget Update

26/07/2016 · PDF (837 KB)

Change of Director’s Interest Notices x 4

Mr Craig McGown, Mr David Crook, Dr Allan Trench, Mr Thomas Spilsbury

26/07/2016 · PDF (486 KB)

Capital Raisings Total $4.8 Million Ahead of Drilling

Drilling programmes targeting lithium at Pioneer Dome (Western Australia) and Mavis Lake and Raleigh (Ontario, Canada) to proceed.

22/07/2016 · PDF (215 KB)

Share Purchase Plan Extension

Pioneer Resources Limited ("Company" or "Pioneer") (ASX:PIO) is pleased to advise that further to the Company’s previous announcement dated 27 June 2016 regarding its Share Purchase Plan (“SPP”) the Board has decided to extend the closing date for the SPP offer by one week. Applications will now be accepted until 5.00pm (Perth time) on Wednesday 20 July 2016. The response to the SPP by eligible shareholders has been extremely positive and the Company continues to receive application enquiries from shareholders so the extension will ensure that all eligible shareholders have ample time to submit their applications and are able to participate. The extension of the offer period will also allow eligible shareholders more time to consider their position, based on today’s positive announcement regarding the Company securing an option to acquire an interest in the Raleigh Lithium Project, located in Ontario Canada.

13/07/2016 · PDF (337 KB)

Second High-Grade Lithium Project Acquired in Ontario, Canada

Raleigh Lithium (Spodumene) Project located nearby to the Mavis Lithium Project.
Pioneer Resources Limited ("Company" or "Pioneer") (ASX: PIO) and International Lithium Corp (“ILC”) (TSX.V:ILC) are pleased to advise of a second Option Agreement (“Agreement”) between the companies enabling Pioneer to initially earn a 51% interest and, subject to ILC’s participation, up an 80% interest, in the Raleigh Lithium Project. The Raleigh Project, currently owned 100% by ILC, is located 60km southeast of the Mavis Lake Lithium Project in Ontario (see Figure 1). The acquisition of the Mavis Lake lithium project was announced to the market on 15 March 2016.

13/07/2016 · PDF (2.9 MB)

Disclosure Under ASX Listing Rule 7.1A.4(b) and 3.10.5A

05/07/2016 · PDF (137 KB)

Distribution of Exploration Development Incentive (EDI) Credits

05/07/2016 · PDF (543 KB)

Notification under section 708A(5)(e) of the Corporations Act 2001

01/07/2016 · PDF (231 KB)

Successful Placement Raises $3.27 million

01/07/2016 · PDF (884 KB)

Share Purchase Plan Application Form

29/06/2016 · PDF (364 KB)

Share Purchase Plan to Raise Up To $2,500,000

29/06/2016 · PDF (743 KB)

Placement to raise $3,216,000 completed and Share Purchase Plan offered to eligible shareholders to raise a further $2,500,000

27/06/2016 · PDF (437 KB)

Pioneer Resources to proceed with Mavis Lithium Project Acquisition and Strategic Alliance

Due Diligence Successfully Completed

22/06/2016 · PDF (1.2 MB)

Pioneer Resources Ltd Participates in the Exploration Development Incentive

26/05/2016 · PDF (250 KB)

Priority Lithium Targets Confirmed at Pioneer Dome

19/05/2016 · PDF (1.2 MB)

Notice of General Meeting and Explanatory Statement

13/05/2016 · PDF (137 KB)

Lithium Mineralisation Identified in Pegmatites at Pioneer Dome Project

29/04/2016 · PDF (2.4 MB)

Pioneer acquires Donnelly Lithium Project in World Class Greenbushes Minerals District

26/04/2016 · PDF (1.2 MB)

Mavis Lithium Project Exploration Update

20/04/2016 · PDF (1.0 MB)

Tenements Prospective for Lithium Acquired in the Phillips River District, WA

06/04/2016 · PDF (1.7 MB)

High Grade Lithium Project Joint Venture - PIO Strategic Alliance with International Lithium Corporation

15/03/2016 · PDF (2.5 MB)

PIO invites you to investor briefing in Sydney and Melbourne 8 & 9 March 2016

01/03/2016 · PDF (162 KB)

Intersections and Extensions Provide Steps Toward Gold Resource

15/02/2016 · PDF (1.3 MB)

Gravity Survey Advances Chonolith Model for Nickel Sulphide Targets at Pioneer's Fairwater Nickel Project

27/01/2016 · PDF (844 KB)

Shallow High Grade Gold Lode Intersected at Kalpini South

Pioneer Resources Limited ("Company" or "Pioneer") (ASX: PIO) is pleased to provide an interim drilling update to the program outlined in an announcement on 27th November 2015. The drilling is at the Company�s 100% held Acra Gold Project, located 60km northeast of Kalgoorlie, WA.

18/12/2015 · PDF (641 KB)

Key Nickel Sulphide indicators intersected in drilling at Fairwater Project

09/12/2015 · PDF (1.1 MB)

Fairwater Nickel Sulphide Target - Diamond Core Drilling Intersects Mafic-Ultramafic System

10/11/2015 · PDF (733 KB)

Placement Raises $525,000 - Proceeds to advance exploration at the Acra Gold Project

21/10/2015 · PDF (267 KB)

Drilling at the Fairwater Nickel Sulphide Target in the Albany Fraser Orogen Commences

08/10/2015 · PDF (502 KB)

Diamond Drilling Underway at the Acra Gold Project and then at the Fairwater (Albany Fraser) Nickel Project

17/09/2015 · PDF (1.0 MB)

New Insights Expand Blair Dome Nickel Sulphide Project

12km Long Target Zone - Nickel Camp Scale Potential

20/07/2015 · PDF (1.9 MB)

Fairwater Priority Nickel Sulphide Anomaly Extended

Project awarded $129,000 EIS Funding for Drilling

06/07/2015 · PDF (1.3 MB)

Exploration Update: Acra Gold Project

26/06/2015 · PDF (876 KB)

Nickel-bearing Sulphide Minerals Intersected at the Fairwater Project

05/06/2015 · PDF (1.6 MB)

Exploration Update

13/04/2015 · PDF (1.0 MB)

Results of General Meeting of Shareholders

01/04/2015 · PDF (69 KB)

Interim financial report for the half-year ended 31 December 2014

13/03/2015 · PDF (516 KB)

Pioneer commences drilling at Fairwater Nickel Project in Albany Fraser Orogen

05/03/2015 · PDF (542 KB)

Pioneer to commence drilling at Blair Nickel Mine

27/01/2015 · PDF (1.5 MB)

Pioneer Fairwater Update - Key Fraser Range Nickel Tenements Granted

07/01/2015 · PDF (1.0 MB)

Drilling Confirms Parallel Supergene Lead-Zinc Trends Copper-Gold-Silver and Lead-Zinc Mineralisation Intersected in Drilling

17/12/2014 · PDF (1.4 MB)

Pioneer's Directors Subscribe for Shares Completing the September 2014 Capital Raising

02/12/2014 · PDF (251 KB)

Western Mt Jewell Gold Project: Pioneer Receives Early Payment of $1.05 million

19/11/2014 · PDF (272 KB)

Anomalous Zinc and Lead Zones in Shallow Drilling is Consistent with a VMS Environment at Dingo Dam

24/10/2014 · PDF (1.3 MB)

Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form

17/10/2014 · PDF (210 KB)

Pio participates in The West Australian Investment Insight series- Australian Gold

22/07/2014 · PDF (186 KB)

New priority nickel sulphide target confirmed at Fairwater Project

21/07/2014 · PDF (2.5 MB)

Pioneer Exploration Update

16/04/2014 · PDF (1.2 MB)

Drilling resumes at the Acra Gold Project

01/04/2014 · PDF (706 KB)

$1.2M instalment payment for sale of Mt Jewell Gold Project received

06/03/2014 · PDF (721 KB)

Share purchase plan (SPP)

04/12/2013 · PDF (296 KB)

Pioneer Complete Mineral Resource Estimate Blair Nickel Mine

28/11/2013 · PDF (1.9 MB)

Pioneer - High Grade Gold hits at Kalpini South, Acra

08/11/2013 · PDF (1.3 MB)

Pioneer - Update Fairwater Project

05/11/2013 · PDF (1.0 MB)

Exploration Update

14/10/2013 · PDF (1.2 MB)

Pioneer response to Media

18/09/2013 · PDF (140 KB)

VTEM max Survey at Fairwater confirms nickel targets

24/06/2013 · PDF (2.5 MB)

Pioneer Awarded $120,000 in WA Government Exploration Incentive Scheme Round 7 Co-Funding for Drilling

17/06/2013 · PDF (624 KB)

Strong potential reinforced as high grade gold confirmed at Acra

30/05/2013 · PDF (884 KB)

"Pioneer Resources: March Quarter Update" BRR webcast

Pioneer has released a webcast with the title "Pioneer Resources: March Quarter Update".

02/05/2013 · PDF (159 KB)

Pioneer intersect high grade gold at Acra Gold Project

Pioneer Resources Limited is pleased announce intersections of high grade gold from its ongoing drilling program at the 100%-owned Acra Gold Project in the Eastern Goldfields region of Western Australia.
Results included;
-10m at 6.38g/t from 61m in hole KSRC004, and
-9m at 5.31g/t from 36m in hole KSRC005.
The results are from the Kalpini South Prospect, which is the second gold target to deliver high grade gold intercepts this year.

19/04/2013 · PDF (861 KB)

Airborne Geophysical Survey Targeting Nickel Sulphides at Fairwater

08/03/2013 · PDF (739 KB)

PIO - Gold Drilling at Acra and EM Surveys at Golden Ridge Nickel Take Priority

03/03/2013 · PDF (208 KB)

High Grade Gold intersected at the Acra Gold Project

High grade gold (15m at 17g/t Au) intersected in recent drilling at Jubilee East Prospect in Pioneer's Acra Gold Project is supported by previous explorer drill intersections nearby, and raises the Jubilee East Prospect to a very high priority gold target for 2013.

08/01/2013 · PDF (1.0 MB)

Pioneer expands Fairwater Project

Pioneer has substantially increased its presence in the Albany-Fraser Mineral Province:
- Through pegging Pioneer has increased its Fairwater JV Project area by 1,094 sq km, now giving the project a contiguous area of 1,422 sq km.
- The Fairwater Project is within the emerging Albany-Fraser Mineral Province, which is host to the world-class Tropicana Gold Project and the recent Nova Nickel-Copper discovery
- The newly pegged ground has nickel and gold targets already identified based on 1990s geochemistry surveys.
- Pioneer holds a 75% interest in all commodities for the Project

06/12/2012 · PDF (700 KB)

Pioneer Notice of Meeting 23rd Nov 2012

24/10/2012 · PDF (251 KB)

BRR webcast: Pioneer Resources acquires Fraser Range Fairwater Nickel Gold Project

09/10/2012 · PDF (159 KB)

Pioneer - Acquisition Fairwater Nickel and Gold

- Acquisition delivers a 75% interest in all commodities to Pioneer.
- The Fairwater Project covers 338 sqkm of predominantly granted tenure within the Albany-Fraser Orogenic Zone, an emerging mineral province and host to the world-class Tropicana Gold Project and Nova Nickel-Copper discovery.
- The Project has significant nickel and gold targets already identified based on 1990s geochemistry surveys.
- The total acquisition consideration is a package comprising reimbursement of approximately $40,000 cash, 11.5 million shares and 45 million options (15 million exercisable at 10 cents and 30 million exercisable at 30 cents).
- A detailed soil geochemistry program to infill two priority nickel anomalies and one gold anomaly has commenced. Results, expected during November, will assist the layout of electromagnetic surveys later this year.

09/10/2012 · PDF (1.0 MB)

Exploration Update: High Grade Gold encountered at Axe Patch

05/10/2012 · PDF (2.6 MB)

Golden Ridge Update

03/10/2012 · PDF (1.8 MB)

Follow-up drilling to build on recent high grade gold intercepts at Juglah Dome, Kalgoorlie

Drilling has resumed at Pioneer's 100%-held Juglah Dome Gold Project, located 58km southeast of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. The current program will drill 150 rotary air blast (RAB) holes to test for continuity between the priority Moonbaker and John West Prospects, which are 1 kilometre apart, followed by the testing for strike length extensions. On completion, RAB drill hole traverses will have tested approximately 3 kilometres of prospective strike length.

16/08/2012 · PDF (834 KB)

RAB drilling hits high grade gold at Juglah Dome

Pioneer announce that the recent rotary air blast (RAB) drilling program at its 100%-held Juglah Dome Gold Project has successfully identified two new prospects for further drilling.
-Moonbaker: 3m at 18.0g/t Au from 9m, within a broader intercept of 12m at 5.4g/t Au. This hole was drilled to a depth of 21m with the last assay being 3m at 2.2g/t Au.
-John West: The combination of geochemistry and mineralised drill holes has defined a target with a strike length of 900m. Previously, gold nuggets and gold-bearing quartz veins had been located at the John West Prospect.

20/07/2012 · PDF (1.0 MB)

David Crook, MD, discusses Golden Ridge Gold and Nickel

David Crook, MD, discusses Golden Ridge Gold and Nickel on Boardroom Radio link.

12/07/2012 · PDF (133 KB)

PIO acquire remaining interest in Golden Ridge Gold and Nickel Project

- Acquisition delivers all gold and remaining nickel interests in the Golden Ridge Project to Pioneer (now 100%).
- The Golden Ridge Project, which covers 120 sqkm in total, contains advanced, highly prospective gold and nickel targets as well as the Blair Nickel Mine (non-operational).
- Total acquisition consideration is $700,000 cash. Pioneer will also replace existing performance bonds with a value of $207,000 and assume an existing gold royalty.
- Pioneer remains focused on gold discovery and has no current intention to re-open the Blair Nickel Mine. Wholly controlling the nickel interests will allow Pioneer greater
flexibility to attract potential joint venture partners.

10/07/2012 · PDF (772 KB)

Pioneer - Sale of Western Mt Jewell Project Completed

-Sale completion delivers first instalment of $4.5 million cash
-Company now has $7 million in cash and no debt
-Additional $3.5 million due over the next 3 years

Pioneer Resources’ Managing Director, Mr David Crook, said that, “The completion of the sale of the Western Mt Jewell Project puts Pioneer in a very strong financial position and underpins our exploration activities in a difficult global financial market.”

06/06/2012 · PDF (1.0 MB)

Drilling underway at New Gindalbie Gold Targets

Drilling, which commenced on Wednesday this week, will test two new gold targets generated earlier this year.
From Gindalbie, the drilling rig will move to the JWT and Moonbaker areas at the Juglah Dome Gold Project. Drilling completed in late 2011 intersected gold and subsequent soil geochemistry has defined a series of three compelling gold anomalies.
For more on this and on the pending $8M sale of the Western Mt Jewell Gold Project - go to our website.

04/05/2012 · PDF (1.6 MB)

Quarterly Activities Report for the Period Ended 31 March 2012

Pioneer Resources is pleased to present its Quarterly Report for the quarter ended 31 March 2012.

30/04/2012 · PDF (159 KB)

Pio CEO Dave Crook webcast

Today, Pioneer released a webcast presentation which provides more information about the
transaction and elaborates on where our exploration endeavours will now be focussed.

16/04/2012 · PDF (895 KB)

Pioneer - Sale of Gold Deposits for $8Million

-Sale comprises the Tregurtha and Hughes Gold Deposits and western tenements only. Pioneer retains a 100% interest in the entire eastern Mt Jewell Project area
-Immediately monetises much of the potential value that Pioneer has created at the western Mt Jewell Project to date at the rate of $43 per in-situ resource ounce
-Provides ample exploration funds to accelerate drilling programs which will test gold targets at the eastern Mt Jewell Project (now Gindalbie Gold Project) and Juglah Dome Gold Project, starting in April 2012
-Pioneer retains much of the exploration upside by keeping the Gindalbie Gold Project area (560sqkm) which is currently the subject of active exploration programs

13/03/2012 · PDF (589 KB)

Exploration Update

19/01/2012 · PDF (1.4 MB)

Chairmans address - AGM 2011

29/11/2011 · PDF (162 KB)

Drilling Update and Boardroom radio interview

28/11/2011 · PDF (317 KB)

Dispatch of Share Purchase Plan Offer

* Invitation to participate in the Company's Share Purchase Plan which has been dispatched to all eligible shareholders;
* Application Form to participate in the Share Purchase Plan; and
* Copy of a Research Note prepared by Fat Prophets Pty Ltd providing an overview of the Company's activities

08/11/2011 · PDF (1.9 MB)

Placement completed raising $1.5 million and Share Purchase Plan offered on identical terms

The Board of Pioneer Resources Limited (ASX: PIO) today announced a two part program of capital raisings.
Part one, completed today, was a placement of 60,000,000 shares at 2.5 cents per share to sophisticated investors and professional clients of Lead Manager Fat Prophets Pty Ltd, which raised $1,500,000 before costs. The placement was oversubscribed.
Part two is a Share Purchase Plan (“SPP”) to raise $1,000,000 under which eligible existing Shareholders in the Company may acquire up to $15,000 (up to 600,000) of ordinary shares also at 2.5 cents per share, without any additional brokerage charges.
Funds raised will be used to continue exploration and feasibility activities for the Company’s flagship Mt Jewell Gold Project, inaugural drilling programs for the new Juglah Dome Gold Project and provide funds for other targets that may produce the next significant gold discovery. In addition the Company is very actively looking at other precious metal projects which it may consider to acquire.

01/11/2011 · PDF (189 KB)

Pioneer Resources Limited Broadcast

Pioneer Resources provides the opportunity to listen to an audio broadcast with its Managing Director, David Crook.
In this broadcast, which was recorded at the 'Resources Rising Stars' conference held at the Gold Coast on the 27th September 2011, Mr Crook discusses the recent Mineral Resource announced by the Company for its headline Mt Jewell Gold Project along with the development strategy for this project; and introduces the Juglah Dome Gold Project, where drilling is about to commence.

18/10/2011 · PDF (112 KB)

Pioneer posts maiden resource of 185,600 ounces Au at Mt Jewell Project

15/08/2011 · PDF (366 KB)

Pioneer to resume drilling at Mt Jewell Gold Project

Drilling to Resume at the Mt Jewell Gold Project

01/06/2011 · PDF (872 KB)

Pioneer Boardroom Radio update

Visit our Boardroom radio link or the PDF link below to find out more from MD David Crook as he discussed the March quarter activities.

06/05/2011 · PDF (135 KB)

Pioneer completes $2.5 million Share Purchase Plan

As announced on 23 September 2010, the offer was significantly oversubscribed with applications received for over $3.4 million.
Pioneer's Managing Director David Crook thanked Shareholders for demonstrating their ongoing support for the Company by participating so strongly in the SPP. "When combined with the recent placement to sophisticated investors the Company has raised over $3.6 million which is already being applied to drilling programs," he said.
Due to the very strong interest shown by eligible Shareholders, the Board has decided to accept the maximum number of subscriptions permitted under the ASX Listing Rules, and therefore has accepted applications for $2,511,403 at the issue offer price of 3 cents per share.

30/09/2010 · PDF (192 KB)

Share Purchase Plan

The Share Purchase Plan is being offered to existing eligible shareholders and provides a right to acquire additional shares in the Company, with no fees or transaction costs.
The number of shares offered under the SPP is 25,000,000, to raise a total of $750,000. Should demand exceed this amount, the Directors of the Company may consider increasing the number of shares to be issued.
The offer price is $0.03 (3 cents) per share. The minimum application amount is $750 and the maximum under the ASX Listing Rules is $15,000. The offer price of $0.03 per share represented a 12% discount to the 5 day average closing price prior to the announcement of the capital raising on 26 August 2010. Participation in the SPP is optional, however the right to participate is not transferable. The offer to participate in the SPP closes at 5.00pm (WST) on Wednesday 22 September 2010, however the Directors reserve the right to vary the closing date without notice.

01/09/2010 · PDF (1.9 MB)

PioResources completes exploration agreements for its Ravensthorpe Project

Pioneer Resources Limited (ASX:PIO) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a sale and
purchase agreement ("Agreement") with Tectonic Resources NL ("Tectonic"). Under the
Agreement (which is subject to certain conditions being satisfied), Tectonic will acquire a 100%
interest in the tenements, and all minerals excluding iron and manganese. See full announcement for more...

23/07/2010 · PDF (169 KB)

More RC drilling results from Mt Jewell; AMEC Presentation

Preliminary results from 7 drill holes completed at the Mt Jewell Gold Project near Kalgoorlie have been received. New drill intersections included:
* LDRC067: 20m at 4.08g/t Au from 32m including 8m at 8.75g/t
* LDRC079: 28m at 1.87g/t Au from 104m including 8m at 4.85g/t

Pioneer has also completed a 7,000m RAB program, the first of up to 4 passes of RAB drilling required to resolve targets in sufficient detail for RC resource identification drilling. Two targets are becoming evident and testing will continue.
Pioneer's Managing Director will be presenting today at the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC) convention which is being held in Perth. The slides of the presentation will be released separately.

01/06/2010 · PDF (686 KB)

Drilling intersects significant nickel sulphide mineralisation at Acra

-Drilling at the Acra JV Project near Kalgoorlie has returned significant nickel sulphide mineralisation.
-Results include: 9.55m at 0.98% Ni, including 0.85m at 3.05% Ni.

18/05/2010 · PDF (578 KB)

Drilling strikes more gold at Mt Jewell

New preliminary drilling results from the Mt Jewell Project near Kalgoorlie highlight the growing potential of this emerging project
New drill intersections included:
* LDRC076: 16m at 2.30g/t Au from 136m including 5m at 3.81g/t
* LDRC093: 13m at 2.20g/t Au from 109m including 6m at 3.00g/t
* LDRC096: 3m at 8.03g/t Au from 121m
* LDRC094: 11m at 2.25g/t Au from 72m including 3m at 3.24g/t
Results confirm the continuity of the down-plunge mineralisation at the Tregurtha Prospect
Drilling confirms the broad nature of mineralisation at the Hughes Prospect, now measuring more than 500m long and open to the north and south
A 7,000m RAB drilling program at the Golden Cities North prospect, designed to identify new reverse circulation drill targets, is 50% complete.

19/04/2010 · PDF (411 KB)

Drilling at Mt Jewell Confirms Second Significant Zone of Gold Mineralisation

New drilling results from the Mt Jewell Project (Hughes Prospect) returned:
* LDRC065: 8m at 2.32g/t Au from 40m
* LDRC069: 15m at 2.26g/t Au from 52m
* LDRC070: 9m at 3.11g/t Au from 90m
* LDRC073: 4m at 3.20g/t Au from 44m
Continuing drilling to define the higher grade mineralised core over an initial 300m strike length
Drilling program for Hughes and Tregurtha Prospects has 6,000m planned (45 holes) and further results expected this month
Mt Jewell Project continues to emerge as a potentially large gold system, with drilling aiming to define initial JORC resources for Hughes and Tregurtha later this year

05/03/2010 · PDF (662 KB)

Latest Gold Results Expand Lignum Dam Discovery

12/01/2010 · PDF (228 KB)

Director Initial Interest

07/01/2010 · PDF (40 KB)

Issue of Options

16/12/2009 · PDF (79 KB)

Directors Interest Notices

16/12/2009 · PDF (89 KB)

Appointment of Independent Non-exec Director

14/12/2009 · PDF (36 KB)

Pioneer increases stake in Mt Chester Manganese Project

12/12/2009 · PDF (128 KB)

Major increase to Landholding at Lignum Dam Gold Project

Bonanza 252g/t intersection recorded at Tregurtha and more results imminent and...
Pioneer Resources is pleased to announce that it has increased the size of its flagship Lignum Dam Gold Project, 50km north of Kalgoorlie, by more than 50 per cent after acquiring over 250sqkm of highly prospective tenements at Golden Cities North, that span from the Lignum Dam Project to the 5 million ounce Paddington Gold Operation.
Pioneer has identified a RAB gold anomaly that extends from the Golden Cities and Federal Mines, which are located within 2km to the south of the newly acquired ground. This anomaly extends at least 6km into the newly acquired tenement package. Limited follow-up RC drilling intersected significant mineralisation including:
* 6m at 1.78g/t from 51m
* 10m at 1.03g/t from 93m and
* 3m at 3.26 from 50m

10/12/2009 · PDF (660 KB)

Diamond Drill results - Lignum Dam

Diamond Drilling Extends Depth of Mineralisation
A six hole diamond core drilling program was completed at the Company's 100% owned Lignum Dam
Gold Project. 465.9m of core were drilled primarily to provide structural geological data.
Significant Results included:
From Tregurtha:
* LDDD028: 6.79m at 8.06g/t from 80.2m including 1m at 32g/t from 83m
* LDRD013: 20.35m at 1.71g/t from 159.2m including 10m at 2.58g/t from 148m
* LDRD015: 22.2m at 1.95g/t from 80.5m including 4.7m at 3.48g/t from 84.3m

19/11/2009 · PDF (807 KB)

Shareholder Letter

Dear Shareholder
Please find below a direct link to Pioneer Resources Limited's website. On the targeted web page
you will find dedicated links to the following files:
* The Annual Technical Summary for 2009.
* The Concise Financial and Statutory Reports for 2009.
* The Notice of Annual General Meeting and Explanatory Statement and Proxy Form.
Click here for 2009 Annual Reports or for the full Shareholder

20/10/2009 · PDF (213 KB)

Company Update

1. Diamond Drilling Commences at Lignum Dam
2. Individual Assays From Composite Samples
3. Company Presentation

17/09/2009 · PDF (3.9 MB)


Remaining reverse circulation drilling samples have returned broad zones of gold mineralisation that
Tregurtha Prospect
* LDRC014: 4m at 5.03g/t from 36m
* LDRC017: 4m at 4.24g/t from 48m
* LDRC024: 10m at 2.23g/t from 140m, including 2m at 4.07g/t
* LDRC027: 8m at 1.53g/t from 40m
* LDRC027: 10m at 2.35g/t from 87m.
Hughes Prospect
* LDRC003: 11m at 2.15g/t from 57m, including 2m at 5.08g/t
* LDRC005: 4m at 12.27g/t from 60m
* LDRC007: 49m at 1.17g/t from 31m, including 4m at 4.78g/t.

01/09/2009 · PDF (704 KB)

ASX Price Query

01/09/2009 · PDF (52 KB)

Outstanding initial gold drilling results from Lignum Dam

Recently completed reverse circulation drilling has returned gold intercepts that include:
* LDRC015: 11m at 5.63g/t from 40m including 4m at 13.37g/t
* LDRC020: 10m at 5.72g/t from 34m including 7m at 7.08g/t
* LDRC021: 19m at 5.56g/t from 52m including 7m at 12.53g/t
* LDRC022: 8m at 3.94g/t from 44m including 4m at 5.52g/t
* LDRC022: 13m at 1.99g/t from 76m

20/08/2009 · PDF (336 KB)

Company Update

10/08/2009 · PDF (88 KB)

Best gold intersection to date from PIO Lignum Dam Gold

* Shallow RAB drilling has intersected the highest gold grades to date at Lignum Dam
* Intersections of significant grade gold mineralisation were identified at shallow depths within dry oxidised rock. Results include:
* SSB0687 12m at 6.86 g/t Au including 4m at 16.90g/t Au (from 32m)
* SSB0605 5m at 2.24 g/t Au (from 36m)
* SSB0615 3m at 2.94 g/t Au (from 34m)
* SSB0626 4m at 1.90 g/t Au (from 36m)
* The Hughes Prospect anomaly remains open to the north
* First RC drilling for the Tregurtha and Hughes Prospects scheduled for June quarter
* Planning is under way for a Sub-Audio Magnetic ("SAM") survey to map structures
* Drill-ready targets have now been identified at Tregurtha, Hughes and Top Prospects, which occur within a 3km long structural zone with highly anomalous RAB drilling geochemistry.

28/05/2009 · PDF (480 KB)


Pioneer Nickel Limited (ASX: PIO) announced today that its Share Purchase Plan (SPP) and
placement to Directors (approved by Shareholders on 30 March 2009), has now closed, having raised
$620,000. This increases the total funds raised since the commencement of the year, from capital
raisings and project divestments, to $1.1 million.

03/04/2009 · PDF (241 KB)

Half Year Dec 08

13/03/2009 · PDF (469 KB)

Digging Deep E-conference

11/03/2009 · PDF (1.5 MB)

Digging Deep E-Conference

Today Boardroomradio releases its second eConference of 2009. The title of the eConference is
"Digging Deep" and features presentations from ASX listed Mineral Explorers who are surviving
the tough credit conditions and differentiating themselves from their competitors with the quality
of their projects.
PIONEER NICKEL LIMITED (PIO) is contributing to the eConference, and provides the
opportunity to listen to an audio broadcast by Mr David Crook, MD in a presentation titled
"PIO - Digging Deep: New Prospects, New Targets ".

11/03/2009 · PDF (59 KB)

Share Purchase Plan

- Share Purchase Plan to be offered March 2009
- Allows existing shareholders to acquire up to $5,000 in additional equity
- Shares issued at a substantial discount to the current market price and at the same
price as offered to professional investors under the recently completed placements
- Funds raised to be used to drill at the Company's Lignum Dam Gold Project.

18/02/2009 · PDF (58 KB)

Fat Prophets - Pioneer Nickel

The company is typical of many quality, junior exploration companies that are doing it tough in the current market environment. The company boasts a strong portfolio of exploration projects and a high quality board to properly evaluate them, but the company has to watch its spending as the ability to replenish its cash reserves dries up. Nevertheless, with modest funding the
company is able to keep its exploration programs ticking over.
.... conclusion:
Whilst things will obviously be tough, retains core quality projects and a supportive major shareholder and exploration partner in Xstrata. Pioneer Nickel will remain held within the Fat Prophets Mining & Resources Portfolio.

11/02/2009 · PDF (66 KB)

AGM Presentation

A review of the year including summary of discoveries during the year and the way forward

27/11/2008 · PDF (927 KB)

Partners Restructure Acra Joint Venture Management

Pioneer Nickel today announced that it is finalising an agreement with its largest shareholder, Xstrata Nickel Australasia Pty Ltd ("Xstrata"), to maintain focus on the Acra JV Project following the return of important exploration results earlier this year. Under the agreement Xstrata will provide $1.2 million to Pioneer to explore the Acra Project on behalf of the JV over a two year period. Xstrata has also subscribed to a placement in Pioneer and increased its shareholding position to 19.8%.

06/11/2008 · PDF (311 KB)

Lignum Dam Gold Project: Strike Length of Anomaly Doubles

Gold results from the latest round of RAB geochemistry drilling at Pioneer's greenfields gold discovery, the 100% owned Lignum Dam Project, have effectively doubled the size of the Tregurtha Prospect to approximately 1,200m, including the identification of a new anomaly, named the Hughes Prospect.

16/10/2008 · PDF (273 KB)

Pioneer Nickel Limited broadcast

Pioneer Nickel Limited (PIO) provides the opportunity to listen to a brief audio broadcast with Mr David Crook, MD in a presentation titled "PIO - Drilling Commences at Mt Thirsty - Mr David Crook, MD".
To listen, simply visit the address below:

18/09/2008 · PDF (50 KB)

Drilling Progress Report - Nickel Sulphides Intersected At Leo Dam

This round of drilling, comprising 10 holes for approximately 1,000m is now finished and the drilling rig has moved to another Company project. The work successfully investigated an earlier drill intercept of 68m at 0.56% Ni, 403ppm Cu and 279ppb Pt+Pd in GRA0223.
Pioneer's geologist noted that for hole GRA0275, while the majority of samples were weathered, disseminated sulphides are present within fresh ultramafic rock.

12/09/2008 · PDF (131 KB)

Exploration Drilling Resumed

Pioneer Nickel Limited today advised shareholders and investors that exploration drilling has resumed. The program amounts to approximately 10,000m of rotary and aircore drilling to detail and extend nickel and gold targets as well as a first pass test of the Mt Thirsty South Nickel-
Cobalt Laterite Project.

05/09/2008 · PDF (819 KB)

Iron, Tin & Tungsten - new Joint Venture

Bass Metals Ltd (ASX:BSM) is pleased to report a new Joint Venture covering its iron, tin and tungsten prospects with Venture Minerals Limited (ASX:VMS), with Pioneer Nickel Ltd (ASX:PIO) retaining a 2% Net Smelter Royalty.

20/08/2008 · PDF (256 KB)

Significant gold mineralisation intersected at the Lignum Dam Gold Project

Pioneer Nickel Limited (ASX: PIO) today announced that significant RAB drilling results have been returned from its 100% owned Lignum Dam (Silver Swan Northwest) Gold Project.
Results included:
* SSB0412 29m at 2.02 g/t Au including 4m at 6.62g/t Au
* SSB0413 8m at 2.52 g/t Au
* SSB0400 4m at 3.34 g/t Au
* SSB0399 4m at 1.62 g/t Au
* SSB0415 4m at 1.29 g/t Au

04/07/2008 · PDF (251 KB)

Encouraging results from Pioneer's nickel sulphide exploration

* Acra Joint Venture Project: Deep Diamond Drilling at Jubilee West Intersects Nickel Sulphides
* Golden Ridge Joint Venture Project: Platinum-Palladium Geochemistry Confirms Nickel Sulphide Target

27/06/2008 · PDF (115 KB)

David Crook on BoardroomRadio

Pioneer Nickel Limited (PIO) provides the opportunity to listen to an audio broadcast with Mr David Crook, MD in a presentation titled "PIO - Ravensthorpe Manganese: High Grade Mineralisation - Mr David Crook, MD".
To listen, simply visit the address below:

19/06/2008 · PDF (57 KB)

Ravensthorpe Manganese: high grade mineralisation

Pioneer Nickel Limited (ASX: PIO, "the Company") is pleased to provide an update on the activities undertaken at the Company's Ravensthorpe Ferrous Metals Prospect. The prospect forms a part of the Company's Ravensthorpe Joint Venture Project (PIO 75%, Galaxy Resources Limited (ASX: GXY) 25%).
Reconnaissance work by a Company geologist has located a high-grade manganese-rich mineralised horizon. From the completed program, 21 surface samples were taken from the manganese horizon over 500m of strike. Sixteen (16) of the samples assayed above 30% Mn, to a maximum value of 49% Mn. The manganese mineralisation remains open to both the north and south of the area sampled.

18/06/2008 · PDF (401 KB)

Change of Directors notice

Pioneer Nickel Limited (ASX: PIO) wishes to advise that Mr Craig McGown has been appointed as Non-Executive Chairman of the Board and that Mr Reg Gillard retires as a Director of the Company. The change is effective from 13 June 2008.

16/06/2008 · PDF (82 KB)

Corporate Fact Sheet

20/05/2008 · PDF (1.1 MB)

Pioneer puts the pedal to the metal

Highlights of Pioneer's recent activities include:
* $1.1 million placement with clients of DJ Carmichael Pty Limited, who placed 13,000,000 ordinary shares at an issue price of 8.5 cents per share.
* Drilling to commence at the Silver Swan Northwest's Lignum Dam Gold Project.
* The release of a new Investor Fact Sheet, which provides a summary of work programs which are scheduled for completion during the next six months.

20/05/2008 · PDF (53 KB)

Appendix 3B

20/05/2008 · PDF (55 KB)

Acra JV Delivers New Nickel Intercepts

Drilling has confirmed that, while complicated by folding, the southern ultramafic basal contact is prospective with nickel sulphide mineralisation identified at 3 prospects: Jubilee JSW Gossan, Jubilee West and Acra South, in addition to the original Acra Prospect.

29/04/2008 · PDF (687 KB)

Summary Report for Ravensthorpe JV Project

Pioneer Nickel Limited (ASX:PIO, "the Company") today provided shareholders with an update on the activities completed at the Company's Ravensthorpe Joint Venture Project with Galaxy Resources Limited (ASX: GXY) (PIO 75%, GXY 25%).

28/04/2008 · PDF (169 KB)

Mt Thirsty South Project hits Pioneer Nickel's exploration plans

Pioneer Nickel Limited (ASX: PIO) is pleased to provide investors with initial details of its Mt Thirsty South cobalt-nickel-manganese project, located approximately 20km NNW of Norseman, Western Australia. Pioneer holds a 100% interest in the project.

22/04/2008 · PDF (150 KB)

Exploration Update: Gold Projects

Pioneer Nickel Limited (ASX: PIO, "Pioneer") is please to provide investors with an update for two gold projects where exploration is advancing and excellent results are being generated. These are the Larkinville West Project, where Pioneer holds a free-carried 25% interest and the Silver Swan Northwest Project, which is 100% owned by Pioneer.

26/02/2008 · PDF (834 KB)

Drilling resumes at the Acra Joint Venture Project

Jubilee Mines NL (ASX: JBM) has resumed drilling at the Acra Joint Venture Project. The initial target is the JSW Gossan Prospect.

19/11/2007 · PDF (388 KB)

Drilling Resumes at Ravensthorpe Joint Venture Project

Pioneer Nickel Limited (ASX: PIO) today announced the resumption of drilling at its Ravensthorpe Copper-Gold Project. Pioneer holds a 75% interest in the project with its Joint Venture partner, Galaxy Resources Limited (ASX: GXY), holding the remainder.
The Joint Venture is set to drill for the first time beneath the old Mt Desmond Copper Mine where Pioneer believes, in the current climate of high copper and gold prices, the best opportunity exists to
develop a near term cash flow based on an underground mining operation.

09/11/2007 · PDF (149 KB)

Mining conference presentation

An overview to the Company's latest position and activities as 'Exploration Advances...'

01/11/2007 · PDF (589 KB)

Pioneer receives positive assay results from Golden Ridge JV & reaches equity milestone

Pioneer Nickel has received positive assay results from the Golden Ridge Joint Venture with Australian Mines Limited (ASX: AUZ). In addition, the Company has now earned a 51% interest in this JV by exceeding $2.25 million in exploration expenditure.

16/10/2007 · PDF (105 KB)

Corporate Fact Sheet

Managing Director, Mr David Crook, said while the Company has work programs scheduled for
its two brownfields projects, the Golden Ridge Nickel Project and Ravensthorpe Copper-Gold
Project, significant levels of resources are also being allocated to two exciting new 100%-owned prospects that are in the pipeline.

26/07/2007 · PDF (514 KB)

Ramelius exercises option for Wattle Dam and Larkinville Projects

Ramelius Resources Limited (ASX: RMS) has exercised two options to purchase an 80% interest in Pioneer's nickel rights at the Company's Wattle Dam and Larkinville Projects.
To exercise the options, Ramelius has paid Pioneer A$700,000. In addition, Ramelius must spend up to A$1 million on nickel-focussed exploration at the joint venture projects within four years.
Pioneer retains a 20% interest which is free-carried to the completion of a feasibility study recommending a commercial mining operation.

24/07/2007 · PDF (103 KB)

Three Nickel in soil anomalies identified at Heazlewood

05/07/2007 · PDF (174 KB)

Ravensthorpe drilling results and investor update

Pioneer Nickel is pleased to announce preliminary results from a recently completed round of reverse circulation drilling at the historic Elverdton-Mt Desmond Copper Mine, located 10km from Ravensthorpe, WA.
The twelve-hole program was designed to test mineralisation within the mine's old workings as well as provide a platform for deeper core drilling at the northern end of the prospect area, which forms part of the Ravensthorpe Joint Venture with partner Galaxy Resources Limited (ASX:GXY) (25%).
Significant results from the programme included 6m at 2.45% Cu and 9.66g/t Au (DER01) and 5m at 2.04% Cu and 1.04g/t Au (DER06).

09/05/2007 · PDF (153 KB)

Pioneer announces placement to raise $2 million

Pioneer Nickel Limited is pleased to announce the completion of a capital raising to raise up to $1.98 million to advance exploration programmes, in particular at its Ravensthorpe and Golden Ridge Projects.
Pioneer Managing Director David Crook said the capital raising will fund on-going exploration programmes heavily weighted by drilling.

27/04/2007 · PDF (93 KB)

Nickel & Copper-Gold Drilling at Ravensthorpe, Golden Ridge & Balagundi Projects

* 2,000m RC and Diamond Drilling programme commenced at Mt Desmond;
* Initial results are expected within 4 weeks;
* V-TEM, aeromagnetic and radiometric imagery highlight new targets - a new
tenement pegged;
* Soil sampling and has mapping commenced to validate new targets.

04/04/2007 · PDF (181 KB)

Drilling results from Ravensthorpe

Drilling results confirm the presence of a broad halo of copper and gold mineralisation enveloping narrower high grade shoots, which were the targets of the earlier miners.

11/12/2006 · PDF (207 KB)

Exploration Update: Drilling underway at two projects

Pioneer Nickel is pleased to provide an update on the drilling and exploration programs currently underway at the Golden Ridge JV Project, the Ravensthorpe JV Project, the Larkinville JV Project and the Silver Swan JV Project.

14/11/2006 · PDF (1.0 MB)

Invitation to Shareholders to purchase Pioneer shares at a discount to market price

01/08/2006 · PDF (40 KB)

Ramelius acquires option for Wattle Dam & Larkinville Projects

Pioneer Nickel is pleased to announce that Ramelius Resources Limited (ASX: RMS) has acquired two options to purchase an 80% interest in Pioneer's nickel rights at its Wattle Dam and Larkinville Projects.

01/08/2006 · PDF (40 KB)

US$5.0m joint venture for Silver Swan Northwest

Pioneer Nickel is pleased to announce that a Memorandum of Agreement has been completed by which BHP Billiton Minerals Pty Limited has agreed to a major farm-in and joint venture with Pioneer, referred to as the Silver Swan Northwest Joint Venture Project.
Under the terms of the MOA, BHP Billiton may earn up to an 80% interest in a portfolio of tenements, located approximately 50 kilometres north of Kalgoorlie, by spending US$5.0 million on the ground. Pioneer will continue to be free-carried until a decision to mine is reached.
The joint venture will result in a comprehensive exploration programme, managed by one of the world's leading nickel producers, focussing on geological targets located from 5 kilometres to the northwest of the Silver Swan and Black Swan Nickel Sulphide Mines.

08/06/2006 · PDF (178 KB)

Golden Ridge drilling returns new Nickel Sulphide intersections

Pioneer Nickel is pleased to announce excellent drilling results from its Golden Ridge Project, a joint venture with Australian Mines Limited (ASX: AUZ).
Pioneer Managing Director David Crook said the Blair South Prospect, located 2.8km south of the operating Blair nickel mine (AUZ owned and operated) continued to return highly encouraging drilling results.

24/05/2006 · PDF (253 KB)

Nickel drilling success continues at Golden Ridge

Pioneer Nickel is pleased to announce that the Golden Ridge Joint Venture has provided excellent results during the March quarter with drilling at a second target intersecting nickel sulphides.
From drilling currently underway at the Blair South Prospect, assays from the first drill hole have returned 15m at 1.21% Ni and 0.13% Cu from 98m, including 3m at 2.21% Ni and 0.27% Cu from 102m. This is in addition to drilling at the Marshall Prospect, where a recent drill hole also intersected 1m at 2.26% Ni and 0.12% Cu from 215m.

28/04/2006 · PDF (29 KB)

Jubilee reaches first expenditure threshold at Acra and elects to earn a further 15% in the Project

Pioneer Nickel Limited (ASX: PIO) is pleased to announce that Jubilee Mines Limited (ASX: JBM) has provided notification that it has now expended $3.0 million at the Acra Joint Venture Project, thereby earning a 60% interest in the Project.
In 2004 Pioneer and Jubilee formed the Acra Joint Venture by which Jubilee may earn up to a 75% interest in a large portfolio of tenements. The tenements cover the Acra and Jubilee nickel sulphide occurrences, located 80km east of Kalgoorlie.
Along with this notification Jubilee has made an election to continue with the joint venture. The next threshold, being a 75% interest in the Project, is gained when Jubilee has expended a further $3.5 million on exploration before 4 October 2010. Pioneer will then continue to be free carried until a decision to mine is made.

03/03/2006 · PDF (126 KB)

First drill programme commences at Golden Ridge JV

Pioneer Nickel (ASX: PIO) is pleased to advise that the first leg of a $1 million nickel sulphide drilling campaign at its new Golden Ridge Joint Venture has been fast-tracked and will commence today.

23/02/2006 · PDF (126 KB)

Pioneer JV to unlock prime WA nickel ground

Pioneer Nickel today announced that it had agreed to enter into a joint venture with Australian Mines Limited to farm into the Golden Ridge Nickel Sulphide Project.
The Golden Ridge Joint Venture covers more than 100 square kilometres of highly nickel-prospective tenements, located 30 kilometres north of Kambalda in WA. The tenements cover more than 20 strike kilometres of the Golden Ridge Ultramafics, which host the Blair and nearby Carnilya Hill nickel sulphide mines. The GRJV specifically excludes the Blair Mine.

24/01/2006 · PDF (443 KB)

Exploration update

23/03/2005 · PDF (182 KB)

Pioneer consolidates position at Acra South through acquisition of the Lady of the Lake Project

21/03/2005 · PDF (344 KB)

Change of directors

17/03/2005 · PDF (59 KB)

Pioneer's 2005 drilling campaign has commenced at Wattle Dam

25/01/2005 · PDF (94 KB)

Nickel Sulphide mineralisation confirmed at Pioneer JH Project

16/12/2004 · PDF (471 KB)

Initial Director's Interest Notice - Mr Peter Langworthy

29/11/2004 · PDF (30 KB)

Jubilee becomes a substantial shareholder in Pioneer;
Mr Peter Langworthy appointed to the Pioneer Board of Directors

29/11/2004 · PDF (65 KB)

Results of 2004 Annual General Meeting

25/11/2004 · PDF (25 KB)

Jubilee takes major shareholding in Pioneer; commits to $6.9m Acra joint venture

Pioneer Nickel Limited (ASX: PIO) is pleased to announce discussions have now been completed which will result in Jubilee Mines Limited (ASX: JBM) entering into a major joint venture at the Acra project and acquiring approximately 10% of Pioneer.
Yesterday (Monday) Pioneer and Jubilee agreed to the terms of the joint venture where Jubilee may earn up to a 75% interest in a large portfolio of tenements, including the Acra deposit. The joint venture will result in accelerated exploration at the Acra nickel sulphide deposit, located 80km east of Kalgoorlie, and could see $6.5 million spent on the ground within six years.

21/09/2004 · PDF (76 KB)

Jubilee builds strategic interest in Emu Lake - Acra region; acquires substantial shareholding in Pioneer Nickel Limited

21/09/2004 · PDF (184 KB)

Drilling results and joint venture negotiations for Acra

13/09/2004 · PDF (36 KB)

Sale of unmarketable parcels of shares

01/09/2004 · PDF (38 KB)

In specie distribution of Heron Resources Limited's shareholding in Pioneer Nickel Limited

02/08/2004 · PDF (28 KB)

Pioneer to extend drilling program at the Wattle Dam Nickel Project

08/04/2004 · PDF (449 KB)

Drilling commences at the Wattle Dam Nickel Sulphide Prospect

16/03/2004 · PDF (121 KB)

Nickel exploration drilling to commence at Jubilee and Wattle Dam in March

Nickel sulphide company Pioneer Nickel Limited (ASX:PIO) today announced a 25-hole reverse circulation (RC) drilling campaign will commence at its Acra-Jubilee Project, located 80 kilometres east of Kalgoorlie, and its Wattle Dam Project, located 20 kilometres south west of Kambalda, in mid March.
Pioneer has now completed Moving Loop Electromagnetic (MLTEM) surveys at its Acra-Jubilee Project and has completed 50% of its 1,140 station programme at Wattle Dam.
Pioneer Nickel Managing Director David Crook said the drilling programme would test geophysical anomalies generated by the Company since listing.

25/02/2004 · PDF (232 KB)

Surface EM anomalies at the Jubilee Nickel Prospect

12/01/2004 · PDF (155 KB)

Drilling results from Acra

05/01/2004 · PDF (13 KB)

Pioneer Nickel Limited lists on the Australian Stock Exchange
Drilling commences immediately at Acra Prospect

Nickel explorer Pioneer Nickel Limited (ASX:PIO) today made its debut on the Australian Stock Exchange following a successful $5.5 million Initial Public Offering, by issuing 27.5 million shares at $0.20. Pioneer will use the funds raised in the IPO to explore for high-grade nickel sulphide deposits in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia using the most advanced techniques, including modern high power electromagnetic (TEM) technology.
Pioneer's Managing Director David Crook said the Company's immediate focus was to test its advanced Acra deposit located 80km east of Kalgoorlie and to generate data to permit accurate targeting at its Pioneer, Higginsville and Wattle Dam projects, located near the Widgiemooltha and Pioneer Domes.
"I am pleased to report that today Pioneer commenced a 1,500 metre RC drilling program and TEM survey at Acra. The drilling program is targeting priority offhole TEM anomalies that are prospective for nickel sulphides," Mr Crook said.
Pioneer's Chairman Craig Readhead added that the strong institutional and retail interest for the IPO was pleasing after more than eighteen months of planning.

04/12/2003 · PDF (157 KB)

Investor Research

The analysis and evaluation of the Company and its projects contained in these reports are the work of the publisher of the report and the Company makes no representation as to their accuracy.


Pioneer Resources Ltd

Darren Jackson, Sanlam Private Wealth

28/10/2016 · PDF (733 KB)

Pioneer Upgraded to a Buy - Take up SPP

Fat Prophets

06/07/2016 · PDF (668 KB)

Pioneer Resources firms up nickel outlook at Fairwater

Proactive Investors

10/11/2015 · PDF (50 KB)

Pioneer Resources' David Crook in Proactive Q&A Sessions

Proactive Investors

13/10/2015 · PDF (324 KB)

Fairwater showing more promising signs


16/07/2015 · PDF (588 KB)

Pioneer Resources's MD David Crook speaks to Proactive Investors

Pioneer Resources (ASX:PIO) is gearing up for new drilling programs at its Fairwater Nickel Project in the highly prospective Albany-Fraser Orogen of Western Australia, and also at the Blair Nickel Project near Kalgoorlie. Pioneer held $2.2 million in cash at the end of December 2014, and raised $500,000 through a placement of 27.778 million shares at $0.018 earlier in the month. The company is offering a Share Purchase Plan (SPP) at the same price as the placement, which attracted new investors.

Proactive Investors

26/02/2015 · PDF (47 KB)

Pioneer Resources pegs nickel tenements in Albany Fraser Orogen

Pioneer Resources (ASX:PIO) has added to its nickel interests in the highly prospective Albany Fraser Orogen in southern Western Australia. Pioneer has now pegged two exploration licenses covering a combined 218 square kilometres, which lie around 35 kilometres south-west of the Mt Ridley nickel project.

Proactive Investors

18/02/2015 · PDF (47 KB)

Rigs roll into Acra

Pioneer Resources will soon follow-up on its successful 2013 drill programme at its Acra gold project in Western Australia. The new 2014 drill programme will also be focussed on the Kalpini South prospect. The goal of the programme will be to expand the known resource and prepare for a potential maiden resource declaration.

Fat Prophets

26/03/2014 · PDF (590 KB)

Exploring away

Pioneer Resources is pushing ahead with three exploration projects, where the company to date has reported some very encouraging results. The Acra gold project is the company’s primary focus. Nickel at Blair however has an interesting past and a potentially bright future. While at its recently acquired Fairwater project, exploration is just getting underway.

Fat Prophets

23/08/2013 · PDF (937 KB)

Further high-grade RC drilling results reinforce Acra gold project potential

Pioneer Resources remains on our Watch-list because of the high-grade drilling results that are being generated from its Acra Project. At 30 March 2013, Pioneer held cash reserves of $3.4 million and cash receivables of $2.3 million, totalling $5.7 million - meaning its exploration programs are well-funded.

Gavin Wendt, Mine Life

31/05/2013 · PDF (329 KB)

Pioneer Strong quarter of exploration activity anticipated during Q1 2013

Pioneer Resources (ASX: PIO, Share Price: $0.029, Market Cap: $15M) was added to our MineLife Portfolio Watch-list during June2011 based on the perceived exploration potential of the company's Mt Jewell gold project in Western Australia. During H2 2011 a maiden JORC-compliant resource was identified, comprising 3.78 million tonnes @ 1.53g/t Au for 185,600 contained ounces.

Pioneer was sensible enough to realise however, that the deposit wasn't sufficiently large enough to justify a stand-alone mining development, so it made a logical commercial decision during March 2012 to sell the Western Mt Jewell project to regional gold producer Carrick Gold (ASX:CRK) for $8 million. This left Pioneer in a cashed-up situation to be able to aggressively explore its other prospects, including its Acra project in WA's Eastern Goldfields - where recent drilling has intersected high-grade gold mineralisation. See link for full report.

Gavin Wendt, Mine Life

02/02/2013 · PDF (426 KB)

Pioneer Resources cashed up with strong initial gold drilling results from Juglah Dome

Gavin Wendt, Mine Life

30/07/2012 · PDF (1.2 MB)

The Juglah and the thief?

Pioneer's share price has performed strongly moving from 1.5c (20th June 2012) to a recent high of 2.3c in a weak market for the Junior Exploration sector. Following Locantro's Life first note "Reloaded, rejuvenated and risk to the upside!" (refer to Issue 22 dated 22nd June 2012) PIO has made two major announcements with each significantly enhancing their fundamental outlook.

Locantro's Life

27/07/2012 · PDF (1.6 MB)

Pioneer - Reloaded, rejuvenated and risk to the upside! BUY

Please find attached my report on Pioneer Resources (PIO) which follows the sale of their gold resources to Carrick Gold (CRK). The key for PIO is to now differentiate themselves from the plethora of juniors waving their arms trying to attract support in a tough market. A key advantage for PIO is that the bulk of their projects are located within 75km from Kalgoorlie-Boulder and any exploration success (as they have already shown) could see even small resource monetized.

PIO has also proven itself to be an outstanding trading counter on results and/or analyst coverage and I believe that with their project portfolio, management, and low base we again see some profit opportunities. I met with David Crook at the Gold Coast Resources Showcase, and will be attending the Proactive Investors “Stars in 2012” event tonight at the Hyatt Regency in Perth where David will be presenting the PIO story. During my advising career at Patersons I supported PIO by assisting with two small capital raisings and have experience with a number of the board members over the years. Dr Allan Trench is fast becoming the go to person when it comes to base metal price forecasts through CRU Group and I noticed this with the presentations on the Gold Coast.

Gold Australia Pty Ltd will be paid a fee for the production of two research reports for Pioneer Resources Limited.


Tony Locantro
Managing Director
Gold Australia

Locantro's Life

20/06/2012 · PDF (396 KB)

Cashed-up following gold asset sale and drilling now underway

Gavin Wendt, Mine Life

07/05/2012 · PDF (431 KB)

Selling some of the Jewells pulls value forward

Recommend PIO a buy... see more

Fat Prophets

14/03/2012 · PDF (1.0 MB)

Mt Jewell pegged for mining

Management is now establishing a visible path to production for Mt Jewell. With Juglah Dome through further exploration likely to expand the resource base, Pioneer's relative undervaluation will, in our view, not persist.
We recommend Pioneer as a buy for those Members that are comfortable with the risk associated with a junior gold explorer.

Fat Prophets

07/02/2012 · PDF (525 KB)

Pioneer Resources Share Purchase Plan

Fat Prophets

02/11/2011 · PDF (1.6 MB)

maiden JORC resource announcement at Mt Jewell goldfields project

I first covered Pioneer Resources (ASX: PIO, Share Price: $0.034, Market Cap: $13m) in the Daily Bulletin

Gavin Wendt, Mine Life

16/08/2011 · PDF (588 KB)

Pioneer Resources Limited

"The company has A$5 million in the bank and what we believe to be an undervalued gold resource in the ground at Mt Jewell. With a current market capitalisation of approximately A$12 million, we believe there is far more potential for upside, on a risk to reward ratio. We recommend Pioneer Resources as a BUY for members without exposure."

Fat Prophets

09/12/2010 · PDF (595 KB)

Mt Jewell set to shine

Pioneer Resources Ltd (PIO) is a Perth-based exploration company with interests in gold, manganese and nickel projects in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. The company is fully funded for exploration at its Mt Jewell gold project near Kalgoorlie in Q4 and represents an early stage investment opportunity, ahead of RC drilling in December. PIO has identified two thick zones of gold mineralisation within the Lignum Dam trend (Hughes and Tregurtha) and plans to drill test several encouraging targets along strike of the +1Moz Golden Cities camp. We anticipate exploration momentum and RC drilling at Mt Jewell will provide a key catalyst for PIO in Q4.

Patersons, Research Note

22/09/2010 · PDF (1.5 MB)

Fat Prophets Buy Recommendation

Independent Researchers Fat Prophets review Pioneer's March 2010 quarterly report and recommend subscribers buy Pioneer.

Australasian Mining FAT MIN 222 05 May 2010

07/05/2010 · PDF (342 KB)

Pioneer Buy

Solid exploration progress on various key projects
In our most recent coverage we highlighted that the company is typical of many high quality junior companies that have been doing it tough in a difficult resource market over the past six months. Encouragingly, we are pleased to report that the company has achieved immediate results with respect to evaluation work on its Lignum Dam gold project in WA, with exciting high-grade, near-surface gold intercepts.

Fat Prophets

26/08/2009 · PDF (125 KB)

Solid exploration progress on various key projects

Fat Prophets

05/08/2009 · PDF (125 KB)

Fat Prophets - Portfolio News

See p2-3 for update on PIO

Fat Prophets

09/03/2009 · PDF (121 KB)

Despite the name this is more than a nickel story

The company has prospective projects and a proactive management, it just needs cash to undertake exploration. The grade and thickness of gold hits in early drilling at the Lignum Dam (WA) are sufficient to justify a speculative buy. We initiate coverage with a speculative buy for Pioneer Nickel ("Pioneer") based not on only the gold project but the nickel and manganese projects.

Taylor Collison, Commission Research Paper

27/02/2009 · PDF (675 KB)

Further advancement on two key projects

Pioneer Nickel has continued to report highly encouraging drilling results from its Ravensthorpe and Golden Ridge joint venture exploration projects in Western Australia. Both projects are living up to our confident predictions and given the strong price environment for gold, copper and nickel, further encouraging exploration results could justify two separate small-scale mining operations.

02/05/2007 · PDF (280 KB)

Commencement of Nickel and Copper-Gold drilling programs

* PIO is undertaking two exciting drilling programs at its two key projects; Golden Ridge Nickel Joint Venture and the Ravensthorpe Copper-Gold project.
* Both projects are considered exciting exploration prospects with advanced exploration targets recently generated from earlier exploration success.
* With long term positive price trends for nickel and copper and long term supply strains PIO is well positioned to participate in this current high metal price cycle following any exploration success.

Ian Spence, Montagu's

20/03/2007 · PDF (652 KB)

Exploring a quality portfolio

Pioneer Nickel Ltd (PIO) is a well-funded explorer focusing on its flagship Golden Ridge and Ravensthorpe Projects in WA and securing experienced and well-financed JV partners for several of its other projects. While PIO is not cheap on current EV:Resource metrics of US$3.49/lb of nickel (peer average US$1.14/lb) we believe its active exploration program should see steady growth in current resources. Accordingly we rate PIO a SPECULATIVE BUY.

Patersons Securities Limited

21/12/2006 · PDF (445 KB)

Encouraging initial copper-gold results

Pioneer Nickel has this week reported highly encouraging initial drilling results from its new Ravensthorpe Joint Venture exploration project in Western Australia. The first 16 holes of the drilling program returned significant copper and gold intersections from just shallow depths. We anticipate the release of more results almost immediately, but even at this early stage, we can confidently say that the Ravensthorpe is living up to our confident predictions and there is real potential for development of an open-pit mining operation, in our view.

13/12/2006 · PDF (214 KB)

Prospectus Summary

Andrew Driscoll, Paterson Ord Minnett

28/10/2003 · PDF (112 KB)